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Internal Voices

The relationship we have with ourselves is often one that we ignore. This project shows the ebb and flow of human emotions and questions of personal identity throughout a whole year, a visual autobiography of 365 internal voices. 


I have never liked being in front of the camera. Like most people, it makes me uncomfortable, because there is a gap between how we see ourselves in our heads and what we see in a picture, a bit like hearing your own voice on a recording. But by placing myself in this position it has allowed a questioning of my self-perceptions, my identity, my thoughts and judgements, and given me the opportunity to gain a new understanding of myself; and in doing so offers you the chance examine your own inner voices and questions that it might raise. 

As women’s lives seem to be getting busier, with higher expectations, there is less time to just be and connect with themselves, which can lead to burnout or emotional breakdown. The relationship we have with ourselves is often one that we ignore. Humans are not fixed, we change throughout our lives but sometimes it takes time to realise what those changes are, to understand who we are now, not who we were: It can be easy to ignore those voices. 

Drawing on an intensely personal narrative, I examined my own inner psyche and emotion, every day for a year, inviting you into my world, whilst also giving you space to connect with your own emotions and, hopefully, build your own self-dialogue.  This project came from a cathartic approach to dealing with some difficult moments and shows the ebb and flow of emotion whilst struggling to re-evaluate my place in the world.

Making these images helped me to reconnect with my own internal consciousness, and to express those emotions and thoughts that are so often internalised and repressed, to help navigate and understand these changes.

In an age where women are learning to rewrite their identities and reconnect with themselves, I hope this helps others to establish their own personal, emotional dialogue.

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